FALL 2016 – Leadership Webinars

FALL 2016 – Free Leadership Development Webinars 
Contact: Jacqui King – Director, Leadership for Congregational Vitality – 615.340.7295

Wed., Sept. 7 @ 7:00 PM CST Jacqui King, Director for Congregational Vitality – Church Leaders:  Preparing for Charge Conference  Annually the charge conference meets with the District Superintendent, clergy, leaders and members of local congregations. The SPRC prepares and recommends pastoral compensation; finance prepares the budget; nominations prepares recommendations of leaders; ministry leaders prepare ministry plans; the lay leader and the council work with the pastor to complete the church conference reports. This webinar will help leaders to gain insights about preparing, praying, and celebrating the annual reporting for charge conference.

Tues., Oct. 4 @ 7:00 PM CST Jacqui King, Director for Congregational Vitality SPRC – Clergy Assessments:  Book discussion “Watching Over One Another in Love” by Gwen Purushotham – As the chair of the SPRC committee, you are preparing to assess the appointed clergy and staff of your local congregation. The SPRC team can use this book as a study guide to prepare for annual assessments and discussions regarding pastoral leadership within their congregation.

Tues., Oct. 18 @ 7:00 PM CST Jacqui King, Director for Congregational Vitality and Naomi Annandale, Research and Strategic EvaluationBuilding Community:  Discipleship and Mission Models – How does your congregation reach out and build key relationships within the community?  Is your community changing?  Are your leaders working on developing new ministries as a result? What should the focus be, and where should the church begin to develop its outreach mission? This webinar will explore MissionInsite data and general community information to help congregational leaders gain a greater understanding of needs, challenges, and ministry opportunities.

Mon., Oct. 24 @ 7:00 PM CST Jacqui King, Director for Congregational Vitality and Steve Lambert, General Counsel, GCFATrustees – What is a Trust Clause? Building Projects and Endowments – Where Do We Begin? – The trustees are elected by the congregation to lead in the stewardship of property. By participating in this webinar, trustees will understand the Trust Clause and will prepare for building projects.  They will also learn how to develop and manage endowments.

Tues., Nov. 1 @ 7:00 PM CST Jacqui King, Director for Congregational Vitality and Scott Hughes, Director, Adult DiscipleshipCelebrate the Year and Planning Ahead – Getting into Action – This has been an exciting year!  How should your leaders evaluate, prepare, pray, and develop ministry action plans for the upcoming year? Focusing on building and transforming small groups, this webinar will share insights about moving forward with implementing annual learning schedules to support small groups, Sunday school, leadership and community mission experiences.

Thurs., Nov. 10 @ 7:00 PM CST Jacqui King, Director for Congregational Vitality and Lindsay Gray, Editorial Director of Magazines, Upper Room MinistriesSpiritual Leadership:  Praying through The Advent Season– Praying through the Christian Year is a gift!  As new people connect within our congregations, they can use prayer as one way to grow spiritually.  This webinar will share ways to use The Upper Room’s resources during the Advent Season to help improve individual and congregational prayer lives.

Maybe you missed the webinar for your leadership area, or you want to share it with the team. Webinars are archived for future use.  Identify the webinar, click the link, enter the requested information, and the webinar will be available to view and share during your meeting, program, or training event.
These webinars are made possible by World Service Fund Support!