Fall Small Groups 2014

Reflection on Epiphany

Mother Bethel AME Church

Prayer Before Amen Bibl Study

Celebrating Advent 2015

Jesus Stands With Us – Dr. MLK Tribute


Summer Breeze

Implement Change

Moving from a season of preparation and personal development into the workplace requires critical planning and implementation. How can the transition be made effectively? What actions need to be taken so that personal integrity remains intact? Can connections through social media assist with entering a competitive marketplace? These key discussions questions and interactive dialogue will guide the workshop process to help students identify patterns of critical thinking:…

Bible Study by Phone or PC

What happens when we truly put God first in all aspects of our lives? In a culture guided chiefly by shiny, life-promising distractions, “enough” seems elusive and keeps us indebted to that next source of satisfaction. What if the Giver of Life offered freedom from this downward spiral would you take it?   


‘Activate’ Workshop Trains 89 Leaders 7/25/2013 In response to sobering statistics on church decline, representatives from 25 African-American congregations gathered in June to “Activate” a new three-year commitment to revitalizing Black churches across the conference. Read about the new energy and new ideas surrounding this 2013 initiative.  The high-energy assembly “kick-off” day in mid June could be described as a morph between a church revival and a…

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