Living Into Our Faith – Study of James & Psalms

General Themes (Teaching Moments): How did the book of James call your name and/or step on your toes?

James 1-5: James 1: 2-7 provides instructions about developing spiritual maturity; James 2: 1-8 offers us awareness about humanity not showing favoritism and how our faith builds through works; James 3 – Tongue management is required; James 4: Friendship with God has relationship accountability for our actions and what we do in the world; James 5: gives insights about how we live, patience and prayers

Psalms 150 and 23: Praise and thanksgiving offer some of the greatest opportunities for love of Christ to be shared and grace to be received by all. These Psalms are well known and this study offers each of us a new moment to express that praise to a true and living God.